Sunday, May 14, 2017

Santa Barbara Day Trip

♫ Alex Ebert- Broken Record ♫ 

Santa Barbara is one those perfect dreamy getaway spots for the weekend but in this case we went for a day trip and it was more than we needed. This city will always be one of my favorites because it has that cute small town feel and lazy beach town vibe! I love all the surrounding nature too from the open hills, flower fields, ranches, to the beach. It's a perfect escape to get away from all the city craze from LA, I love how laid-back it is out there and how there is always plenty to do and see.

One of my favorite spots in SB is of course State Street, which is pretty much the downtown of SB and a strip filled with restaurants, boutiques, cafes, and a bunch of other stores.  I love all the hidden streets and the beautiful Spanish style architecture almost everywhere you go, you're bound to see mosaics and tiles anywhere which I love! One of my other fave spots is the Santa Barbara Mission and of course we couldn't go out there without stopping by McConnell's Ice Cream, it's a MUST guys, I always stop there whenever I'm in Santa Barbara...that good! I know there are already some locations in LA but it originated in SB and it just tastes better out there too haha! I didn't get to snap pics of my ice cream (Coconut/toffee/almond flavor) since I devoured it within seconds!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend and Mother's Day!
More pictures coming your way :)

My nephew, Lukas, driving us around :P

Sista, Sista

This car tho ;)




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vaishali verma said...

Your Sista Sista Captioned pic is fabulous and so sweet.

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