Thursday, May 4, 2017

Holy Matcha

♫ Cafe Lanai- Le Stud ♫ 

I could not go to San Diego and not stop by Holy Matcha! You guys probably already know my obsession with matcha anything so it was only natural to stop by this place, and you better believe  that I fell in love with every little detail!  Especially the whole aesthetic! It has this chic-tropical vibe to it. Everything from the light pink walls, couches, wallpaper, plants, ceramics, chairs, neon sign, and even the presentation of the drinks and food was perfection. I seriously did not want to leave...major inspo for sure guys! 

Holy Matcha may be ultra girly and very PINK but it's also a cute spot to meet over brunch (they have avo toast!) with friends and it can also be a place to go on a cute date ;). 
Their drink selection was great, I of course went for my usual iced matcha latte with coconut milk, it was rich and yummy! My sis and cousin tried the matcha lemonade which was also very refreshing, it was my first time trying this matcha-lemonade concoction but it was actually pretty good. We also shared a strawberry donut, if you scroll below you can see how cute they even decorated the plate with "oh matcha" sprinkled on the plate with matcha powder...we didn't even want to mess it up since it was just too cute haha. 

Overall great service and instagram-worthy guys! I highly recommend going if you're in the San Diego (North Park) area, even if you're not a fan of matcha but are into aesthetics and interior might just leave inspired too. :) 

Thanks to Holy Matcha for the overall experience, we loved it...can't wait to come back whenever I'm in SD again! 

With my cousin Bianca and sis...excuse or tired faces... we were sleep-deprived!





Perrier Émilie said...

Great pics !! This place looks so beautiful <3

Patricia G. said...

So nice!!!

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