Thursday, October 4, 2018

Canada Trip: Toronto

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Hey lovelies!
Continuing on with the Canada trip are the ones from Toronto!
I didn't really know much about this city other than it's the biggest city in Canada for sure and Drake is from there lol.

I've heard a lot about Toronto though and from the pictures I had seen it reminded me of NY, however when I arrived and explored all the different areas like downtown, the CN Tower, Chinatown, Kensington Market st., Dundas st. etc it felt like a mix between NY, San Francisco, and LA. 

I also loved how artsy and diverse this city was though, especially Kensington Market st., it reminded me so much of Haight-Ashbury in San Francisco. There was also a bunch of art murals, a lot of hippies and hipsters, graffiti, cute cafes, interesting shops, and a whole bunch of other randomness that would be seen in SF, LA, or NYC. 

Overall, I thought it was a cool city, I still loved Montreal better but hopefully I get to visit Toronto again in the future and explore more of the what the city has to offer. 

Toronto from the CN Tower.

CN Tower views.

Stopped by Icha Tea and LOVED this rose-jasmine milk tea, so fresh and yummy!

Kensington Market St. 

I mean c'mon look at that book wall inside FIKA Cafe...obsessed!

More of Kensington Market St. 

Chinatown sights.

The Distillery District. 

Ran into the Hoi Bo Store at The Distillery District. 

Downtown vibes. 

Fall Feels at High Park. 

Got to visit The Wanderly store on Dundas St. Loved it!

Coffee time.

Run & Gun Coffee on a chilly morning.

Dundas St. 

Saudade shop in Little Portugal on Dundas St. cutest shop that carried Portuguese artisanal tradition and designs!

Head in the clouds.

I hope you guys enjoyed the pictures!
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These photos look so amazing, love them!
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