Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Brushstrokes and Beverages

This past Sunday my friend, sister, and I finally got to use our groupon for this one day painting class called: "Brushtrokes and Beverages" based in our hometown, Long Beach.  We wanted to take advantage and use it before the year ended. Of course we had such a FUN time. The class was held at one of our fave restaurants (Alegria) in downtown. The theme of the painting was " Beautiful Beach", which explains all the beachy, palm trees, and umbrellas in the pictures lol. I loved how everyone painted their art work but with their own twist to the details. It was such a lovely Sunday evening painting along to some chill tunes, sipping on some sangria/mojitos, and snacking on some calamari....geez can't wait to sign up again! :)

BTW can't believe this year is almost over....wow it definitely was a roller coaster ride, but I'm glad 2014 is ending on good terms for me!

Happy New Year's wherever you may be! 
Bring on 2015!! *Cheers*



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